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Best wash results - Dishwashers

Our promise: constantly perfect washing results. And we always keep our promises. To reliably meet all your requirements, we developed a wide range of different features. Whether dried food residues, extreme soiling, water spots or insufficient drying:

We have a solution for every problem!

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PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal


Although thorough manual pre-washing takes time, it is unavoidable with conventional machines. This step is obsolete with the revolutionary PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal – you can put plates directly into the rack without any pre-washing.

BECAUSE: All food residues are immediately pumped out of the machine through the new filter system. This saves operating costs and protects the rinsing system and the environment.



Save up to 680 Euro each year of the costs for water, energy and chemicals. How? Dead easy!

Filtering the food residues prevents fine and coarse dirt from getting into the dishwasher where they can contaminate the wash solution. Consequently, the wash tank needs not continually be emptied and filled with fresh water.

Instead, the machine re-generates automatically if necessary. Changing the water during a wash process is thus no longer necessary.



Since the working day in a kitchen is frequently characterised by time pressure and hectic movement, it can happen that food residues are not always removed completely from a plate. This coarse dirt obstructs block systems so that the machine can not work to its full capacity.

Our solution: The revolutionary PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal protects your filter system at extreme load, and prevents obstruction of the strainers.


A long wash-up day without water exchange, but with an absolutely hygienically clean wash result - even with extreme dirt deposits.

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For the best drying result

Drying wet washware is laborious and time consuming: HOBART TOP-DRY drying provides you with first-rate drying results. Here, once the washing process is complete, the humid air is converted using a hydro-thermal energy storage system, and reintroduced into the wash chamber as hot drying air.

As the drying system uses humid air from the wash chamber and converts it into hot, dry air, there is no need for any additional energy consumption.

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ROTOR-X wash system

Unique wash arms

Unique on the market: The HOBART cross joint wash arms with four wings excel with extremely high wash performance.

  • The wash arms make the water contact with the wash ware twice as long
  • The washing action increases by 100 %, compared to traditional wash arms
  • Wide angle nozzles provide for an optimum distribution of the water onto the wash ware

YOUR RESULT: An outstanding cleaning result on the entire surface.

The rotating ROTOR-X wash system consists of a top and a bottom cross joint wash arms. Each of the models PROFI AMXX, AMXXL, AMXT, UXT, UXTH, UXTLH and PREMAX AUP, AUPL, AUPT, UPT is equipped with two cross joint wash arms.

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SHINE cutlery programme

Although shining and clean cutlery is the signature of each gastronomer, they have frequently to fight with stubborn dirt deposits. Previous soaking of the cutlery can hardly be avoided.

NOW YOU CAN: The PREMAX line cleans forks, knives and spoons with 100°C hot steam.

  • The steam removes even the most stubborn dirt deposits
  • Solid food residues are broken up and rinsed off
  • There is no more need to pre-soak the items
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GENIUS-X² fine filter system

the really good filter system

Innovative, economic, self-cleaning: The advanced GENIUS-X² fine filter system reduces the detergent consumption by up to 35%. How does it work? The system cleans itself automatically during the pump-out process. Before, cleaning the dirty water requires only three steps.

  • The tank remains clean: Coarse dirt and food waste are collected in the strainer basket, preventing them from reaching the tank.
  • Fine dirt is removed: The collected fine dirt is removed from the machine after 10 seconds already.
  • Washing does the rest: The remaining fine dirt is collected and pumped off during washing.

YOUR RESULT: The dirty water is cleaned completely, and the wash water remains clean.

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Intensive programmes

Dried food residues stick stubbornly to your wash ware? Not with the PREMAX hood-type dishwasher. We solve this problem with hot steam, and do not give dirt deposits a chance.

How does this work?

  • The structure of the encrusted food is broken up
  • The wash temperature is increased in a very short time
  • The higher temperature improves the effect of the detergent

Even annoying pre-soaking is no longer necessary. Knives, forks and spoons can be rinsed in the specifically developed cutlery cycle. The combination of high pressure and hot steam dissolves all dirt.

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Special programmes

make your glasses shine

Do you rinse your glasses awkwardly by hand, or are you dissatisfied with the rinse result of your machine? Rely on our special programmes. Due to special water quantities and temperatures, the requirements for rinsing glasses are special. Deep and wide glasses are therefore rinsed with an increased fresh water quantity to remove residual detergent and rinse aid from the deep glass bottom.

Cold rinsing: Immediately after rinsing, the glasses are cooled down with cold water. In peak hours, you can thus reuse glasses in bars or beer gardens immediately. The drink is not warmed up by the glass and the beer maintains its stable head. (Caution: There is no cold rinsing for the GXC model).

Basic cleaning programme: New glasses often have a protective covering. With the touch of a button, our special programme performs the basic cleaning before the first use.

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POWER-PLUS wash programme

Extreme dirt deposits require enormous wash power. The POWER-PLUS wash programme can additionally be switched on to activate a second wash pump for twice the performance.

  • The wash performance of PREMAX AUP and AUPL is thus doubled to 2 x 600 l/min
  • The twin rack machine PREMAX AUPT even recirculates 2 x 1,200 l/min

Contrary to conventional programmes, even difficult-to-remove food residues are washed off - without pre-cleaning. The result is hygienically clean.

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POWER wash

If strong is not strong enough: Power and washing action of utensil washers are always significantly higher than that of other dishwashers. POWER wash produces the required high wash pressure by

  • Wash arms with special impulse spray nozzles
  • Wash pumps with a 200 % higher performance

THIS MEANS FOR YOU: A hygienic wash result, even with heavily encrusted utensils.

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Detergent direct spraying system

Mashed potatoes, gratin, rice and noodles are tasty - the wash-up effort is high. Dried or baked food residues must frequently be soaked, and require a significantly increased concentration of chemicals for cleaning.

PREMAX utensil washers therefore spray the concentrated detergent solution directly onto the utensils. This liquid solution attacks the residual dirt before it is washed off by steam washing.

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Interlocked strainer

The interlocked strainer permanently checks whether the tank cover strainer and the fine filters are in the proper position:

  • You benefit by a reduction of detergent consumption and operating costs
  • Retains dirt and ensures optimum results
  • Protects the pump against shards and small cutlery parts

If the strainer system is not in the proper position, the control signals an alarm. Washing can be activated after the strainer has been positioned correctly.

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Reverse osmosis

Removes water stains before they are produced

Integrated RO-I or free-standing RO-S: Ugly stains on glasses, plates or knife blades? Minerals in the water frequently leave ugly visible residues when the wash ware is drying.

Stop it now: The integrated or optional reverse osmosis RO-I and RO-S make awkward polishing obsolete. Hygienic risks that may result from manual polishing are prevented right from the beginning. Since all staining minerals are dissolved, crockery and glasses appear particularly clean and are shining when they leave the machine.

The compact dishwashers GC, GCP and GXC are available with the integrated reverse osmosis RO-I. The freestanding RO-S is available for all undercounter machines.

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VAPO-ACTIVE steam washing

Dried food residues stick on your containers, racks, trays or pans? Not with the PREMAX utensil washer. Only hot steam proves sufficient for dissolving stubborn dirt deposits.

How does this work?

  • The structure of the encrusted food is broken up
  • The wash temperature is increased in a very short time
  • The higher temperature improves the effect of the detergent
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Permanent wash programme

Adjust your washing time to the degree of soiling. Use the standard HOBART permanent wash programme to extend the duration of the washing operation.

Instead of running a standard programme repeatedly for heavily soiled wash ware, select the permanent wash programme to extend the rinse time to 20 minutes. The programme can be aborted at any time.

  • This avoids a repetition of the entire rinse cycle
  • No additional detergent dosing or rinsing is necessary
  • You save time and reduce the operating costs
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Wide angle nozzles

For cleanliness in each corner

The rinse result depends on several factors: The exact distribution of water and detergent is an important aspect. To achieve the most efficient effect, HOBART gave the wash nozzles a special shape so that they spray more precisely and on a larger surface than the ones in conventional systems.

YOUR BENEFIT: The wash result, especially in the corners, is considerably improved.

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