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Selecting from the largest range of any brand and with either PREMAX (Made in Germany) or ADVANSYS (Made in USA) HOBART can offer the most innovative, effective and efficient warewash solutions for any marine application.

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Stationary glass and dishwashers

For just one rack as undercounter or a hood model with tabling, or for a double rack as multifunctional option, it is the choice of the application that will determine how we will get you the best results.

And if you are looking for a dry and spotless glass for your first class bar operation, try a HOBART PREMAX FP – the only undercounter unit available that will deliver a dry glass and if applying the HOBART water treatment system, a spotless shine on your glass hardly seen before on any passenger vessel.

Stationary pot and utensil washers

With selected footprint options, door or hood models to choose from and with the most effective wash systems available – including lateral wash systems – HOBART offers the best solution to clean any pot or utensil from your bakery, butchery or your galley.

Conveyor wash systems

A wide range of belt conveyor units with various tunnel sizes as well as multiple segment and tank configurations are available to best tailor a solution for your capacity and space as well as energy efficiency requirements in dishwashing.

Even for pot and utensil wash applications HOBART is offering conveyorised units which have been proving their highest capacity and minimum handling advantages for years. Multiple choices of rack conveyor units offered from 44 inch in length to multiple tank high capacity automatic rack units for up to 300 racks per hour are ready to take on any job of glass and dishwashing.

Food preparation


Durability, simple operation & outstanding performance


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