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HOBART technical centre

Defined cleanliness and controlled processes are the major factors in parts cleaning. In the HOBART technical centre, we can carry out individual washing tests with genuinely contaminated parts. We can thus ensure that the cleaning process that results from the tests is exactly aimed at your requirements, and that you obtain the best results possible.

For process planning, we record component dimensions, geometry and contamination. Based on these specifications, your cleanliness and dryness requirements, and our long years of experience, we define a cleaning process that covers everything.

Additional service: At our technical centre, we would be glad to inform you about useful accessories, such as media treatment, transport systems, or the integration of the cleaning system into your production system.

We would like to invite you:

Come and see the cleaning results and machine technology for yourself!

You want to clean your components under real conditions? Come and see the machine technology for yourself. Arrange a meeting with us for a washing test in Offenburg.

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