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Reliability & flexibility

Are you looking for a reliable dishwasher with continuously perfect wash results? You have come to the right place. Our decades of experience and our innovative power form the basis for our permanently reliable warewashing solutions. Branded with the quality seal, "Made in Germany", our machines stand for quality, efficiency and reliability. Thanks to their flexible design, they can be individually adapted to your requirements.

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XL wash chamber

more space for more power

Display and baking trays, EN container or display plates: Use the PROFI FXL machine for easy washing of larger parts. The enlarged XL wash chamber offers space for wash ware of up to 600 x 400 mm.

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705 mm installation height

ideal for all counters

Compact and space-saving: With an installation height of only 705 mm, you can install the undercounter dishwashers  PROFI GC and PROFI GXC under any counter.

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Maximum flexibility

Simultaneous washing of different wash ware, such as porcelain dishes, cutlery or cooking utensils, in two separate
wash chambers.

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Drain pump

Thanks to the drain pump, there is no residual water in the machine tank at the end of a washing day. No need of emptying the tank of your dishwasher manually.

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Double capacity

for the large wash volume

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE: Use the PREMAX AUPT and PROFI AMXT models to wash two racks with tableware, server and compact trays and black dishes at the same time.

In the PROFI UXT, UXTH and UXTLH, you can wash up to

  • 6 bakery baskets,
  • 16 baking pans
  • and 3 EN containers

at the same time. This avoids unnecessary waiting time and increases your capacity.

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Loading height

According to model, the above-average loading height provides space for up to

  • 6 bakery baskets,
  • large serving trays (600 x 800 mm),
  • and baking pans (600 x 800 mm)
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Smooth counterbalanced door

Soft and silent opening and closing of the dishwasher door due to gas-filled shock absorbers of the door suspension. This protects your crockery and prevents wear of the door suspension.

BY THE WAY: The flat rack guides on the inner side of the door make rack loading and unloading easy.

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Multi-phasing (230/400 V)

Flexibility due to multi-phasing: Optionally, you can operate your dishwasher with 230 V or 400 V. Simply rearrange the contacts at any time.

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Reducible machine height

Easy fitting: The machine height of the utensil washers PROFI UX and UXT with open door can be reduced by 217 mm. This ensures that the machines can be installed in rooms with a low ceiling. The loading height is then 650 mm.

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