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Easy to operate

It couldn't be easier: In hotels, bars, restaurants and retirement homes, dishwashers are usually operated by several people. It’s good that they are so easy to use that anyone could do it. The intelligent one-button control of the VISIOTRONIC is not only the visible characteristic feature of all our machines, but also makes them particularly easy to operate. A wide range of other innovations enhances the user comfort of your machine.

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Key features at a glance

The new HOBART WASHSMART app provides you with a comprehensive overview of the status of your glasswasher free of charge for 5 years. Among other features, the app informs you well in advance of maintenance due dates and indicates the current operating costs and chemical consumption.

Connect, learn, benefit
Based on this data, you can avoid downtime, re-order consumables directly via the app, and contact HOBART customer service or an approved service partner. WASHSMART also provides illustrated  instructions for smaller errors so that you can solve them yourself.

An overview of all functions

  • Machine status (keep up-to-date regarding the statuses of all your machines)
  • Fault messages (push notifications inform you of any system errors)
  • Operating cost calculator (cost overview of water, detergent and power consumption)
  • Information on hygiene (indication and easy download of a hygiene report)
  • Ordering consumables (easy ordering of consumables)
  • Usage (information about the efficient use of the machine)

You can find more information about the availability in different countries and languages at

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Hygiene programme

defeats germs and bacteria

Over time, limescale and dirt particles build up inside the machine. Use the patented hygiene programme to defeat germs and bacteria.

  • Removes limescale deposits
  • Removes dirt residues from the machine
  • Provides a pleasant smell

A message appears on the display to tell you the next time your hygiene programme is due. Simply put the hygiene tabs into the machine and start the programme. Your machine is hygienically clean only a short time afterwards.

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CLIP-IN wash and rinse arms

Cleaning the dishwasher is awkward - we make it as easy as possible.

To make your work easier, the CLIP-IN system permits both wash and rinse arms to be removed in a single action. After cleaning, the rinsing element is reinstalled with a single click.

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Hood lift

simply press a button

User-friendly and power-saving: Using the optional HOBART hood lift you merely press a button to close your utensil or hood-type dishwasher. The hood opens automatically after the rinsing process.

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EASY-CLEAN concept

increase the long service life of your machine

To maintain performance and service life of your dishwasher at a high level, certain components require daily cleaning. The parts you must remove for this purpose are identified by colours.

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Integrated chemical containers

Save space and top up your hygienic agents easily and conveniently:

The integrated chemical containers for rinse aid and detergent can additionally be installed in the machine. The large openings permit easy filling without spilling. The current level is shown on the control panel to remind you of refilling.

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Fill level indicator

Simple and efficient fill level monitoring: The integrated fill level indicator monitors the contents of external and integrated chemical containers. It indicates well in advance when cleaner and rinse aid need refilling, thus ensuring a perfect wash result every time.

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Integrated water softener

soft water for higher performance

Protect your machine against limescale, and increase its service life!

The optional integrated water softener removes hardening minerals from the water. This prevents calcification that can lead to longer programme execution times, burnt heating elements and poor wash results.

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Remaining time indicator

An eye firmly on the washing processes at any time: As an extension of the VISIOTRONIC control, the HOBART dishwashers show the programme progress.

  • Blue: Programme just started
  • Partly green: Rinsing
  • Green: Programme finished / machine ready to start
  • Red: Error message or information
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Blocked filter sensor

rinsing with looking ahead

Intelligent, clever, looking ahead: Strainers are quickly blocked when contamination is high. Strainers must therefore be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain the full performance of the dishwasher. But - when is the right time to do it?

The intelligent blocked filter sensor recognises when strainers require cleaning, and issues a warning notice on the control display to inform you.

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SOFT-START wash pump

for a silent start

In bistros and bars, dishwashers are frequently installed in the counter area and are in the immediate vicinity of the guests. To avoid disturbing their conversations, the SOFT-START wash pump literally ensures a soft and quiet start of the washing action.

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for easy data documentation

Convenient uploading of operating and consumption data: Temperature, error messages and the selected programmes must permanently be documented for monitoring purposes. VISIOTRONIC control performs this time-consuming task automatically.

For an easy download of the operating and hygiene parameters, the dishwasher is equipped with an USB-interface, that permits all relevant data items to be saved on an external storage medium.

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no more emerging steam clouds

When you open your dishwasher immediately after the rinsing process, you will receive a hot steam cloud directly into your face.

NO LONGER: The multi-stage ventilation system of the optional VAPOSTOP extracts the 60°C hot waste steam from the machine compartment, thus preventing the steam from escaping.

The patented VAPOSTOP

  • cools the exhaust air,
  • improves the room climate, and
  • makes work easy
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easy handling for everybody

Single-button control – as simple as can be: VISIOTRONIC control considerably simplifies the handling of your machine. It shows all important details with text and icons in the display.


  • Easy selection of programmes
  • Easy settings
  • All important information is available at a glance

BY THE WAY: The display activates itself when you approach the machine.

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Simple operation for everyone

Single-button control in conjunction with a colour touchscreen – it couldn‘t be easier. The VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control simplifies use of your machine considerably and shows all the important information in the display using text and symbols.


  • Easy selection of programmes.
  • Easy settings.
  • All important information can be called up at a glance.


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