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twinLINE dishwashing organising system

Flight-type dishwashers are intended for fast cleaning of large quantities of wash ware items. For these dishwashers, it is particularly important that the two factors footprint and efficiency of the machine are well balanced.

For this situation and for all specific practical requirements for flight-type dishwashers, HOBART provides the solution with the innovative and unique twinLINE dishwashing organising system.

The patented twinLINE dishwashing organising system makes it possible to wash trays on a separate conveyor while the other items are being washed in the machine.



  • Up to 30 % time saved in the organisation process
  • Can be used in both product lines for maximum flexibility
  • Capacity increase thanks to innovative processing of wash ware

The additional feature does not increase the footprint of the machine.


This innovative solution makes dishwashing faster while significantly increasing the machine capacity. For ease and comfort of operation, the trays are automatically stacked in the exit section of the machine.

The optional twinLINE washing organisation saves up to 30 % of your time, thus reducing your operating costs at the same time. twinLINE combines cost effectiveness and efficiency at a high quality level.

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