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After each working day it is important to clean the machine properly and prepare it for the next use. For longer downtimes it is all the more important to ensure the machine is properly cleaned.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Select the hygiene wash programme and place a hygiene tab in the dishwasher.
  2. Complete the programme – the machine is almost completely clean on the inside.
  3. Fully drain the machine.
  4. Remove the wash and rinse arms (top and bottom).
  5. Clean the wash and rinse arms thoroughly under the tap with running water.
  6. Remove the pump strainer insert (if present) at the bottom of the wash tank.
  7. Also remove any soil particles present in the wash tank.
  8. Clean the tank strainer thoroughly under the tap with running water.
  9. Put the pump strainer insert, the tank strainer, and then the wash and rinse arms back in place.
  10. At the end of operation, leave the machine open so that it can air out (close again after approx. 15 minutes).

You can find detailed information on cleaning the machine here

PDF as download

ATTENTION: You'll also find additional information about our machines with an integrated osmosis system or TOP-DRY drying here:



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