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Waste treatment Ecolo


  • Pulper: leftovers from meat, vegetable and pasta make greatest demands to the pulper. The blades made of  hardened stainless steel are extremely robust and long-living. Even large quantities are chopped without any problem. Special blades are available for other waste such as plastic materials or bones.

  • High capacity: at peak times up to 7.5 kg leftovers per minute are disposed of. A powerful motor is essential for a reliable treatment of leftovers – even at maximum load.

  • 2-Phase-Treating-Process: high capacity wet waste treatment units deliver significant volume reduction. The 2-phase-treating process reduces the volume of leftovers by up to 80 %. Energy and freshwater consumption is reduced by repeated use of process water


  • Safety interlocks: safety first for wet waste disposal! It is important to prevent the staff from reaching inside the pulper.  An automatic safety lock prevents opening of the pulper cover during operation. Operation is only possible after replacing all covers.

  • Safety distance: the distance between the pulper and garbage chute has been designed to minimize the risk of injury when adding waste produces.


  • EASYTRONIC control: incorrect operation is avoided due to symbols and push-buttons which are clearly arranged and easy to understand.

  • High performance magnet: cutlery is often put into the machine together with the food waste. They damage the blades in the pulper. A high-performance magnet captures cutlery in the garbage chute. The staff can remove these parts easily and without having to interrupt operation.


  • Strainer cylinder with screw conveyor: the machine has to be cleaned every day. The cover can easily be removed without tools providing access to strainer cylinder and screw conveyor, which are also easily removable

  • Breaker: large and smooth surfaces as well as large radiuses  simplify cleaning of the pulper. In addition the optional cleaning programme helps the staff to clean the unit.

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