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HOBART celebrates 125th anniversary

Our innovative strength is one of the main success factors of HOBART, and it has allowed us to develop into a multinational company. Today, HOBART is the world market leader for commercial warewashing technology and is celebrating its 125th anniversary across all continents.

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History in the making

A lot has happened since HOBART was founded in 1897. There were countless innovations, new international sales and production locations, renowned awards And, of course, many satisfied HOBART customers all over the world.

Here are ten facts from HOBART's eventful history.

Looking back: HOBART image film from 1987

This cinematic masterpiece was made in the same year that Dirty Dancing hit the movie theaters: the HOBART image film from 1987. You can see the factory, state-of-the-art computer technology and scenes filmed at various HOBART customers’ restaurants and shops.

The film features not only dishwashing technology, but also cooking and food preparation technology. The whole masterpiece is accompanied by "fancy” eighties music... Don't miss this movie!

Innovation leader by tradition

A large number of HOBART machines of all kinds have been developed and produced in 125 years. With their help tedious and time-consuming manual work could be done more quickly and efficiently. With coffee grinders, vegetable peelers, mixers, air whips, meat saws, steam cookers and much more - last but not least with dishwashers - HOBART has always made life easier for kitchen staff.

125 years of company history are full of innovations and “firsts”. In this way, HOBART has always managed to impress new customers and to become the world market leader for commercial warewashing technology.

Online Memory

Put your skills to the test and discover interesting motifs from HOBART history in our online MEMORY game.
On the occasion of our 125th company anniversary, we have drawn our best snapshots from the archive.

HOBART is giving away three pairs of Bluetooth headphones to all participants who register by 31.08.2022.

To the online memory


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