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  • Front door glasswasher

  • Nominal capacity up to 60 racks/h or 2,160 glasses/h

  • 6 automatic cycles: short, standard, intensive rinse, cutlery, basic cleaning, hygiene

  • Multi-setting: easy switchable from 400 V to 230 V on site

  • Smooth counterbalanced door with closing mechanism

  • Ready to install - completely equipped: fill / drain hose, power cord (400 V connection), detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser, rinse pump, drain pump, back-flow preventer

  • Integrated WiFi module

  • Tank, frame, rinse arm and panels are stainless steel 1.4301

  • 1 glass rack 303171 : 500 x 470 mm


Order number Description

with integrated reverse osmosis

  • TOP-DRY drying: integrated drying technology - no need for manual drying.

  • VAPOSTOP²: integrated steam condesation allows door opening without steam cloud. Also no steam escape during the condensation phase.

  • VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control: colour touchscreen (displays text and graphic) in conjunction with singlebutton control and remaining cycle time indication.

  •  WASHSMART app: controlling your warewash operation with smart technology: status and messages, usage and operating costs, hygiene,service and consumables order.

  • SENSO-ACTIVE resource management: constantly measures the quality of the wash water and keeps the amount of rinsing needed in each rinse cycle to the minimum in order to guarantee a fully hygienic wash result.

  • CLIP-IN wash and rinse arms: can be removed with one hand and without any tools.

  • Intelligent data documentation: automatic recording of important operational data and consumptions and indication on the display.

  • USB-interface: comfortable download of operational data in form of a protocol via USB.

  • GENIUS-X² fine filter system: advanced filter system with prewash function reduces detergent consumption up to 35%.

  • Cold rinsing: the rinse can be switched from hot to cold water so that you get cooler glasses without any loss of time.

  • Intensive programme: intensive rinse cycle to wash glasses with critical design with raised fresh-water amount.

  • Interlocked strainer: prevents operation without tank strainer.

  • Optional refill signal: monitors contents of external as well as integrated chemical containers.

  • Hygiene programme: for removal of calcium carbonate and other deposits from wash chamber.

Technical data

Cylce times* 60 / 90 / 120 sec. and special cycles
Water consumption 2 l/rack
Tank capacity 10.6 l
Tank heating 1.7 kW
Power supply 400 / 50 / 3N (230 / 50 / 1)
Booster loading - Standard 6.2 kW
Booster loading - Alternative 2.1 kW
Total loading - Standard 6.8 kW | 3 x 16 A
Total loading - Alternative 3.3 kW | 16 A
Wash pump 0.5 kW | 350 l/min
Rack size 500 x 500 mm
Loading height 305 (248) mm
Noise level 60.5 dB (A)
Weight (gross / net) 70 / 60 kg

*Thermostop guarantees required temperatures with cold water and / or 230 V connection, the actual cycle times extend accordingly.
For machine protection the water hardness should not exceed 3°dH, if higher we recommend using an
integrated water softener or an external water softener of the product line HYDROLINE PROTECT.
To avoid spots and streaks on the wash ware, we recommend the usage of an demineralisation cartridge
(HYDROLINE STAR / STAR EXTRA) or a reverse osmosis system HYDROLINE PURE.


Order number Description

Installation kit for reverse osmosis including: back flow prevention for drain connection according EN 1717, dirt collector, syphon, connection pieces and fixing materials


Back panel (if unit is not installed against wall)


Retrofit kit for integrated chemical containers


Cabinet base: 435 mm high, with removable door, stainless steel,
providing space for 2 empty racks or chemicals


Adapter for 435 mm base for use with GXCROI


Shelf for cabinet base


TOP-DRY glass rack 500x500mm for best drying results


Universal glass rack 500 x 470 mm, high version, with 4 sloped rows à 95 mm, height 180 mm, plastic coated (suitable for front door dishwashers)


Universal glass rack 500 x 530 mm high version, with 5 sloped rows à 98 mm, plastic coated, height 180 mm


Connecting cable (2,200 mm) and plug for 230/50/1


Low level chemical sensing lance set 450 mm for external containers (up to 20 litre)


Low level chemical sensing lance set 340 mm for external containers (up to 10 litre or limited height)


Bottle washing system: Complete bottle washing system. Consisting of bottle rack for 12 bottles (04-006443-001) and the adapter/insert with washing and rinsing system for the wash chamber


Bottle rack 500 x 500 mm for bottle washing system: Provides space for 12 bottles. Min. 16 mm bottle neck and
max. 113 mm bottle diameter.
Max. bottle height:
- FP/GP: 330 mm
- FX/GX: 370 mm
- GXC: 250 mm
- GPC: 210 mm



Please visit our HOBART US website for further equipment


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