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HOBART is ready for autumn trade fair season with trendsetting warewashing solutions

HOST / Alles für den Gast 2021

Offenburg – After a one-year of forced corona-break, warewashing manufacturer HOBART is looking forward to its comeback on the international trade fair stage in Milan at HOST (22–26 October) and in Salzburg at "Alles für den Gast" (6–10 November). Among the products on display will be the innovative TWO-LEVEL-WASHER and hygienically safe solutions for washing reusable dishes.

"Corona has changed a lot of processes and presented quite a few challenges to the workplace. In recent months, social contact, face-to-face interaction at the workplace as well as with customers and partners have suffered greatly. A lot can be done using online events but these have their limitations compared to face-to-face events. This is especially true when the groups are quite large, which makes interaction more complicated. The same applies to product demonstrations. That is why we are very much looking forward to the autumn trade fair season and the personal interaction we'll have at the venues," says Markus Bau, Director Food Service at HOBART GmbH.

Washing reusable dishes
The end has come for disposable products like to-go cups and single-use polystyrene containers. Since the beginning of July 2021, Germany has been enforcing the EU regulation that prohibits the use of such disposable products throughout Europe. Washable cups, bowls, lids, containers and crates made of plastic as well as refillable bottles help protect the environment by avoiding trash. However, this trend brings new hygiene challenges for the hospitality business. The warewashing manufacturer HOBART is providing solutions for these challenges by expanding its washing concept with a new reusable-cup washing rack used in combination with the PREMAX undercounter dishwashers GP/FP and its unique TOP-DRY drying system.

HOBART designed the new rack system for 25 cups that ensures that lightweight reusable cups remain in position during the washing process. Another component in the successful concept is the new HLP-7000 rinse aid for plastic; its unique recipe provides a significant boost to the drying process. In addition to perfect wash outcomes, outstanding drying results are also essential to prevent residual moisture allowing mold to form when cups are stacked and stored. This is where the TOP-DRY drying system comes in: a feature that is built into GP/FP undercounter dishwashers. At the end of the washing process, it converts the humid air into hot drying air by using a hydro-thermal energy storage system and feeding it back into the wash chamber. This prevents moisture from condensing on the reusable cups and ensures that they can be stacked immediately after washing.

Restaurants are increasingly turning towards refillable bottles, which provide ecological benefits but also present a unique set of challenges when it comes to washing. With its new bottle washing system, HOBART is presenting a solution that guarantees maximum hygiene in line with DIN SPEC 10534 and which can be integrated into HOBART’s generation of undercounter dishwashers without any retrofitting.

When it comes to refillable bottles, the wash result is what matters most. Given the various bottle shapes available, it is important that the water jet reaches every part inside the bottle. For this reason, the new bottle washing system, which can be deployed on an individual basis, is equipped with funnel-shaped spray nozzles that squirt water directly inside the bottle, reaching every part of the inside.

Another product highlight is the TWO-LEVEL-WASHER (TLW) – the world's first commercial dishwasher to have two wash chambers which can be used simultaneously. In other words: double the capacity per wash cycle. The machine's compact design is another advantage. Despite its increased washing capacity it doesn’t occupy any more space than a conventional dishwasher.

The TLW also has several additional cleaning programmes to make time-consuming manual pre-rinsing obsolete. For example, a specially developed utensil wash programme washed cups and plates in the upper chamber while heavily soiled wash ware such as pots, pans or cutlery are being washed in the bottom chamber. A soaking effect is integrated into the extended washing process.

App provides overview of data
The HOBART SmartConnect app notifies end customers in advance of scheduled maintenance intervals, any system messages and operating costs along with information on current water, electricity and detergent consumption. Furthermore, users receive malfunction alerts in real time. Users can also fix minor problems themselves by following instructions provided by the app. In case of a more complex problem they can contact customer service or a qualified service partner directly via the app.

Stand information:

  • HOST: Hall 5, booth A19 / B20
  • Alles für den Gast: Hall 8, booth 104



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